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On November 7 and 8, 2023, an international conference will be held, organized by the Research Department of the National Ethnographic Museum (IEFSEM – BAS), dedicated to storytelling.
Storytelling is one of the means by which every culture communicates shared beliefs and values. Museums, irrespective of their particular profile, are in themselves repositories and vaults of the histories and the stories of objects and artifacts, as well as to the people who produced them, used them and passed them to the museum; to those who have studied and exposed them.
There are many ways in which museums not only represent history, but also tell stories in their exhibitions and websites. Storytelling helps convey different messages, brings people together and connects them through emotions and perceptions. In this way, the museum assumes the role of an institution that both has its public commitment and influences the public, giving it the opportunity to (co)experience. Many specialists with different professions and academic background unite their creative energy to initiate an active communication with the museum audience, by which storytelling is implemented, directly involving the visitors in it.

General topics:

  • History, Ethnology, Archaeology, Literature – Theory, Ideology and Museum Narrative
  • The Museum Narrative and Education
  • The Tangible and Intangible Heritage in The Museum – Forms of Storytelling
  • Virtual Museum Exhibitions and Storytelling.
  • Exhibition Themes and Stories About Them – Between General Motifs and Personal Stories.
  • The Exhibition as a Narrative and the Narrative about the Exhibition.
  • Museum Goals and Audiences. Engaging Museum Audiences through Storytelling.
  • Teams Engaged in The Museum Storytelling Experience and their Roles – Researchers, Curators, Editors, Designers, Architects, Educators, Scenographers, Directors, Writers, etc.

Work Languages: Bulgarian and English

След рецензиране докладите ще бъдат издадени в поредния шести том „Дебати в музеологията“.

After peer-review, the papers will be published in the sixth consecutive volume „Debates in Museology“.
We will be accepting your submissions until September 5, 2023 on the following address: Consisting of name and institutional affiliation of the author, title, short summary (up to 1000 words) in Bulgarian and English (for Bulgarian participants) and in English for our foreign guests. You can download the application form

Travel expenses are at the expense of the participants.
Approved participants submit their texts for printing by November 3, 2023.

Organizing Committee:
Assist. Prof. Iglika Mishkova, PhD
Assist. Prof. Bozhidar Parvanov, PhD
Assist. Prof. Iliya Valev, PhD
Assist. Prof. Milena Katosheva, PhD
Assist. Prof. Angel Angelov, PhD
Radina Ilieva, PhD
Mariya Boyanova